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When considering potential termite barrier treatments in the Adelaide area, one of the more prominent names is Termidor. If you may be considering Termidor or one of the less-effective alternatives, it’s important that you have all of the information before you make your final decision with your pest control partner.

Termidor Is The Leader In Modern Termite Protection

Termidor is the leading brand of a Fipronil-based termiticide, which not only acts as an impenetrable barrier for many species of termites but also significantly reduces the number of termites that come into contact with it. Additionally, it provides a broad base of protection against other insects, such as ants, cockroaches, and even many types of wasps.

The Termidor line of products is so powerful that access to them is restricted to those licensed as pest control technicians. This not only prevents misuse but also serves to ensure that your Termidor products are only applied by those who are recognized as qualified to work with them in a professional capacity.

Termidor products remain effective for up to 8 years in ideal conditions, though in most cases reapplication will be needed after approximately 5 years. By having us inspect your home yearly following the application, you can maintain coverage by the Termidor Assurance Warranty.

Which Termidor Product Is Right For You?

Termidor SC is the standard version of the Termidor insecticide and barrier treatment. It is relatively low-cost and is the choice of many homeowners. When applying Termidor SC to a home without termite reticulation lines, holes must be drilled every 20cm to ensure proper saturation. This means more holes in the pavers or slab, and possibly even cracked pavers in some situations.

Termidor HE is a very high-efficiency version of the Termidor formulation. Not only does it provide the same barrier protection and transferable insecticide, but it does so while having a more infrequent drilling requirement. Termidor HE can be applied every 35cm-45cm, meaning in many cases it can be drilled between pavers or tiles, and drilling fewer holes overall in the slab.

Both Termidor SC and Termidor HE varieties are covered by the Termidor $2 million assurance warranty. This means that if you have your Termidor product installed by a licensed and accredited professional, any termite-related structural damage can be covered by this warranty, up to $2 million in repairs, provided warranty conditions are met.

Your Termidor Product Will Be Applied By A Professional

To make sure you get the most out of your Termidor product, it will always be applied or installed by a licensed and Termidor-accredited pest control professional. This is one of the most vital components to a successful protective barrier since an install that isn’t done perfectly absolutely will not function as it should.

When your termite barrier is installed, make sure you’re using the best. Not only will we be able to help you choose which Termidor product might fit your needs best, but we can discuss an estimate and even proceed with scheduling your appointment.

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