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Running a business comes with enough challenges without adding a pest infestation to your plate. One of the best ways to establish trust with your customers, guests, or tenants is by providing a clean, pest-free environment. Pro Pest Control Adelaide takes pride in knowing that our licensed and insured pest technicians do everything in their power to both stop and prevent pest issues in shopping centres, schools, strata, offices, childcare, and more.

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When it comes to strata services, some commercial property owners offer commercial pest services for the whole property, while others only handle common areas. Stratas that are infested with pets can run into a large list of compliance issues, one of the biggest concerns is how easy it makes sicknesses to spread. Historically, mice and rats have contributed to the spread of some serious diseases.

Providing people with a safe, clean place to live and raise their families is important, and nobody wants the reputation as the strata management company that has bugs, mice, or other pests. Our professionals will evaluate just how serious the infestation is so we can get to the root of the problem.


People go to work to earn their wages so they can live their best lives. The last thing anyone wants to worry about when they head to the office in the morning is whether or not they’ll be greeted by an infestation. Not only does a pest problem in the workplace make it an unsafe and unhealthy surroundings, now employees have to be concerned about bringing property a sickness, disease, or worse – the problem following them house and ending up with an infestation in their own home.

Our team works hard to make sure we get rid of all bugs, vermin and other pests, keeping your employees healthy and preventing further property damage. With our team of professionals, office managers and owners can take pride in knowing that a company with the expertise to get rid of the problem is on the job.

Retail Shops

One of the last things shoppers want to see when they are browsing the sales rack is rat feces. Not only is it an eyesore, but there are several health risks as well. Diseases and harmful bacteria are not what anyone is planning on bringing home after a day of shopping. As professional pest control specialists, we focus on removing the problem so all surface contaminants, as well as airborne pathogens, are no longer a threat.

Shopping Centres

When you’re shopping for groceries, one of the worst things you could see is bugs, rats, or droppings. Infestations are dangerous, but when food is involved, it can be even worse. With the warm weather seen in Adelaide, it’s even more important to keep the pest problem under control. Whether there are bugs in the produce or rats in the meat department, our team of experienced professionals can eliminate the problem and keep your clients safe and healthy.


When it comes time for a health inspection, you don’t want to get a failing score simply because pests have made their way into your restaurant. Food and mice are not a good match, so it’s crucial to eliminate the problem before anyone sees any ill effects from an infestation. Not only can pests create a mess, but they can also carry diseases, infecting your customers with E. Coli, salmonella, and worse. We can remove the problem and help you keep the pests away in the future.

Schools and Universities

Students have enough stress on their plate with classes and grades to be worried about getting sick or bringing home bugs or other nuisances. Our professionals are trained in eliminating bugs, and other pests from all types of commercial settings, including schools for children, as well as universities. The health and needs of students are top priority, and we want to ensure your schools are pest-free and a healthy clean environment for students of all ages, from children through adulthood.


Children deserve safe, clean spaces to play and to learn. If you wouldn’t lay your tot down for a nap in a rats nest, you certainly don’t want their childcare centre to have bugs, or any other pests that can harm them. A sickness that could make an adult uncomfortable could be detrimental to the health and safety of a child, so it’s especially important that childcare facilities have any pests removed and surfaces sanitised at the first sign of an infestation. If you’ve noticed bugs, rodent droppings, or any other signs that pests have infiltrated the building, contact our team of pest control specialists to take care of the problem right away.


In the hospitality business, reputation counts for more than many people realize. Many people have told a friend that they’re vacationing somewhere, only to be met with warnings about the local hotel’s bug problem. If you don’t want your hotel known as the one in Adelaide to avoid, any and all pests should be eliminated right away. This is easy to accomplish with a professional pest exterminator on your side.


From the Parliament of South Australia to the Department for Health and Wellbeing, keeping our government facilities pest-free is important. Whether you notice ants, spiders, roaches, or any other creepy crawlies, getting rid of the future infestation right away is crucial. We can come in and remove any bugs, or other common pests quickly. Even better, with regular visits, we can prevent the problem from returning in the future, which is something that many customers worry will happen.

Why Regular Pest Control is Important for Business

Whether you run a local retail business, restaurant, or childcare centre, ensuring your facility is clean and pest-free is crucial. Not only can diseases be spread, but structural damage and equipment damage can occur, as well. In order to keep your customer satisfaction and the health department happy, having a commercial pest control company on speed-dial can ensure your business remains pest-free for good.

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