10 Common Household Pest

Here is a list of the ten most prevalent pests

You’re about to enjoy some downtime, only to see a cockroach scampering across your floor or a spider weaving its web ominously in the corner of your room.

This is not just uncomfortable, but it also disrupts our peace and violates our sense of security within our very own homes.

But you don’t have to endure this unpleasantness any longer.

There’s an easy solution at hand with Pro Pest Control Adelaide.

The professionals from this trusted company can help you reclaim your home in no time.

1. Roachy McToast Crunch

Nothing sends shivers down the spine quite like spotting a dark shape scurrying around your kitchen floor late at night. Yes, we’re talking about cockroach infestations. Known for their resilience and sheer persistence, these unwelcome guests can multiply all too quickly under the right conditions. But hold on! Before you start panicking or consider moving out, remember that their presence isn’t permanent. Solution: Keep food sources in sealed containers, fix leaky taps and pipes immediately to eliminate their water source, and hire pest control services for a proper infestation treatment. These little crawling critters stand no chance when professional measures are implemented.

2. Sir Eight-Legs-a-Lot

Wall decorators with their intricate webs and masters of hide-and-seek games. While they could be harmless outdoors, having different spider species like redback spiders, black spot spiders, and white tailed spiders inside is another story altogether. Especially if we’re talking venomous ones. There’s no need to share your personal space with these eight-legged occupants any longer. Regular dusting and vacuuming can deter spider activity by disturbing their environment. For stubborn arachnids that refuse to budge even after housekeeping efforts or for toxic ones lurking in your home corners. It’s time to call upon a wide range of pest control services because if there’s someone who knows how to show these freeloaders the exit door effectively.

3. Picnic Planners

Ants are incredibly organized and can turn what was initially a clean home into an anthill within days. And let’s not forget these troublemakers don’t discriminate and will nest just about anywhere; from your garden to wall cracks within your space effortlessly. By maintaining cleanliness, especially near food items, and being careful with waste disposal- we can stop these mini-intruders before they even start.

4. Flea-bulous Entertainers

Fleas like cat fleas and dog fleas are highly skilled in jumping from host to host landing on our unsuspecting pets and ultimately infesting our homes. As if that’s not bad enough, their bites are super itchy which may leave one uncomfortable. Fortunately, getting rid of fleas doesn’t require rocket science either. Maintaining cleanliness among our pets’ belongings will go miles into ensuring that these annoying pests stay far away from us. Regularly washing pet bedding materials using hot water helps as well as applying necessary flea treatment medication aids.

5. Squeak Squad

Rodents can create a lot of damage by chewing through wires and timber creating safety hazards along with spreading diseases. Secure all possible entry points such as gaps and holes in walls or doors. Consider using humane traps or rodent baits if there’s already an infestation. However, amateur efforts often don’t quite cut it against these persistent invaders. Professional pest control services prove much more effective. They help identify sources of infestations and customise treatments accordingly.

6. The Buzz Brigade

Flies are infamous vectors for spreading numerous diseases. Hygiene is where it starts folks. Ensure your house is always clean especially the kitchen and dining areas as these often attract flies looking for free meals. Regular rubbish removal from inside and outside your property definitely helps too. Vacuuming your floors, upholstery and any areas where your pet loves to lounge is a must. Hot steaming can also kill these blood-sucking pests, especially the adult flies, but for severe infestations, calling in the pest control cavalry wouldn’t hurt.

7. Stingy and Buzzington

Wasps and bees are stinging intruders that can quickly turn a peaceful afternoon into chaos. Reach out to local pest control services who can safely remove these nests while taking precautions not to receive spiteful stings in return. Wasps like European wasps and paper wasps play an important role in controlling other house pests and common house insects. So let professionals determine if the hive needs removing its wasp nest or if it can be left undisturbed.

8. Tiny Vampires

More than just pesky buzzers causing red infuriating itches everywhere they bite on our body, some mosquitoes carry harmful diseases too as they eat human blood. Remove all potential breeding grounds such as accumulated stagnant water around your home. Plants like citronella and marigolds are also known as natural mosquito repellants whose leaves could work wonders for your yard. Additionally installing screens on windows and doors can prevent these airborne invaders from just waltzing into your place.

9. Wood Muncher

Termites like subterranean termites are crafty little critters that feed primarily on wood and have been known to wreak havoc on the structure of homes making them unsafe and unreliable. They may be small, but their collective damage is immense and certainly not overlooked. Try to keep all wooden parts of your house relatively dry. This is because termite infestations are drawn to moisture like a magnet attracts steel pins. Terminate their cheery presence using specifically developed bait stations planted around the house where they usually swarm or oracle treatments that help destroy termite colonies from within.

10. Snuggle Buds

Bed bugs feast at night while our hard-earned sleep takes flight. If you’ve ever woken up with itchy red spots or noticed ominous dark stains on your bedding. With hot-water washes for linens and vacuuming along mattresses folding or crevices will help bid adieu to these bugs’ eggs and larvae stuck about invisibly. More stubborn infestations demand professional pest controllers who opt for chemical treatments or heat treatments that leave no space room for these bloodsuckers to survive.


What should I do if I find my home infested with pests?

Don’t panic. First identify what type of pest you are dealing with. Then you either apply DIY methods or consult professionals like us who can effectively handle pest infestations using safe methods.

Why is my home clean yet I still have pests?

It’s a common misunderstanding that only dirty homes get infested by destructive pests. While cleanliness does help in discouraging some types of pests, others are indifferent to how spick-and-span your environment may be. Pests may encroach for various reasons including food availability or changes in weather.

How often should I schedule pest control services at my home?

The frequency depends on many factors with climate playing a major role. Usually an interval of 3-6 months works well for preventative maintenance purposes.


Plenty of misinformation is floating around out there about insect pests and extermination methods.

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